As a rule, I don't watch commercials (thanks, TiVo!), but while I was fiddling with my digital camera, getting ready to take a picture* of the typo featured in the previous post, I saw the weirdest glitch in this Dreyer's commercial!

Right at the end, you get this close-up of Dreyer's Slow Churned light ice cream:


Then, suddenly, it switches to Edy's Slow Churned light ice cream, and even the slow-churned** music repeats:


I did some cursory research (thanks, Google!), and it turns out that Edy's is what Dreyer's is known as in other parts of the nation. Too bad. I was getting all excited, thinking that I had uncovered a subliminal ruse of sorts, like when Japanese animators jokingly inserted a drawing of the American flag into some ALF cartoon.

Of course, this is not a typo per se, but that just shows you how WACKY and UNPREDICTABLE this rebel grammar blog is. Watch out!

*Shockingly low-tech, I know.
**Notice my dig with the hyphen.

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