I found a typo generator.

How evil. I love it.


  1. Was reading The Wall Street Journal yesterday and my head wanted to explode by their headline style. If a headline takes two lines, the first word of the second line is capitalized, no matter what the word is. Haven't checked other pubs yet but I suppose this is a standard headline style. Is it?

    China Is Unwilling to Impose Sanctions
    On North Koreans

    Hmm, actually that doesn't look so bad. Must be me...

  2. Wow, people still read the newspaper? I get the Sunday Times just for the coupons. (Not really.)

    I'm guessing that the WSJ is using poetry-style capitalization for its headlines, something I see most often on magazine covers. Not sure about other papers, though. I just snuck a peek at a copy of the Times, and it doesn't use that style. Eh. I think you should read the one that doesn't make you cranky. The news itself is bad enough. : /

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