The Alaska Series: Jargon? Right.

According to Wikipedia, Chinook Jargon, a trade language derived from a variety of other languages, "has its own grammatical system." I suppose that's the store's excuse for plastering this sign on the side of the building:

Whale Bone Carvings
Adult and Childrens Apparel


For the first one, my thought process goes like this: Bone carvings? Yes. Whale carvings? Uh, no. Bone carvings of whale? Whassat? Wait, carvings of whale bone? Yes! DING, DING, DING! The winner is whale-bone carvings!

For the other two, if they could just take that extra apostrophe from ulus and put it in children's . . . theeeere we go. Doesn't that look much better now?

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