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I was skipping around on today and discovered this delicious entry:

Dictionary-makers do make mistakes from time to time though, and one of the more famous errors was the appearance of the ghost word dord in the second edition of Webster's New International Dictionary in 1934. Dord was listed on page 771, between the entries for Dorcopsis (a type of small kangaroo) and doré (golden in color), as a noun meaning density in the fields of Physics and Chemistry.


The explanation:

In 1931, a card had been prepared bearing the notation "D or d, cont/density" to indicate that the next edition of the dictionary should include additional definitions for D and d as abbreviations of the word density. Somehow the card became misdirected during the editorial process and landed in the "words" pile rather than the "abbreviations" pile. The "D or d" notation ended up being set as the single word dord, a synonym for density.

Of course, is taken.

Nota bene: Habitually checking domain-name registrations and viewing source codes are the two most geeky things I do. Apart from that, I'm pretty normal. (Actually, I just tried to look up geekiest, which doesn't appear in my dictionary, so I went with most geeky instead. I guess that's the geek apex for me.)

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