Yes, I'm alive!

Hi! I'm back! My unplanned hiatus was great, thanks! Why, yes, I did lose weight. ; )

I started this blog to escape from the pressures of work, which became unbearable and unhealthy due to one thing. But, thankfully, at the end of summer, the spoiled, self-important, ungrateful, unprofessional bitch assistant in my department upped and left, leaving me too blissful to blog. So EEK A TYPO! went into hibernation. My boss also gave me a fantastic raise and mindblowing bonus to go along with my shiny new assistant, so all is much, much better.

I recently bought myself a shiny new Canon PowerShot SD20 and a so-new-I-haven't-received-it-yet 20" iMac with a 500-gigabyte hard drive and 1 gigabyte of RAM! Yes, this is the one with the fantastic Intel chip. Having been a PC person most of my life (becoming bi-platformal since college, nudge, nudge, wink, wink), this is a Big Deal. Armed with expensive technology, I must put it to good use. One of my first goals is to bring this outlet back to life.

My iMac is scheduled to land in February, so please check back on Valentine's Day. I should have my shit together by then.

Thanks, everybody, for your patience!

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