Chuck "Chuckle" Lorre

Here's one of Chuck Lorre's not-so-subliminal "vanity cards" inserted at the end of Two and a Half Men:


The thing is, she shouldn't have stolen my heroin. But as I looked down at her battered, cheerleader's body, a bloody twirling baton in my right hand, a dirty hypodermic needle in my left, the only thought rattling around my fevered, junkie brain was whether I could trade her baby for a gun.

Some people hate commas (the British), some people love commas (me and, apparently, Mr. Lorre), but sometimes they just frig things up.

battered, cheerleader's body = battered and cheerleader's body
fevered, junkie brain = fevered and junkie brain

The words are not parallel and cannot justify the use of a comma. They should read:

battered cheerleader's body
fevered junkie brain

An easy way to figure out if a comma goes in or not is to ask yourself: Is the body cheerleader's and battered, or is the cheerleader's body battered? Is the brain fevered and junkie, or is the junkie brain fevered?

Just say no, Mr. Lorre! Say no to your comma addiction! Love your show and your vanity cards, by the way.

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