My army

Been meanin' to fill you in on my growing army of online colleagues:





Gosh, these typo blogs all look so nice. Look at those pretty columns, categorizing each typo. Hell if I have the time.

Juan Pablo Tapia in Chile (!) does Mediomote and was nice enough to write about EEK, A TYPO! on his personal blog. Does that mean I've gone international?


Wow, I feel loved.

Oooo, I just came across Stingy Scholar, which mentioned this blog back in December in a list of other non-stuffy, non-traditional grammar sites. Must be all the cussing I do online. I'll have to check all those out.


Of course, I've blogrolled a bunch of other grammar-related sites, so feel free to click and double-click!

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  1. Hi Kuan Yin!! Thnx for your kind post!
    I am flattered being your first southamerican colleague!!