Sizable errors

I was feeling a little blue, being back at work after a long and productive weekend (filing) at home, but Miss Pell cheered me up when she showed me this cute exchange between two strangers regarding coding issues.



I don't know if a coder's brain is wired like a good speller's brain, since being detail-oriented is crucial to both their roles, but he misspelled misspelled again! That's the really funny part.

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  1. I love what I've read in your blog so far, but the images linked to flickr are apparently private so I can't see them. That makes many of your posts, especially this one, less than interesting. You may want to go change some settings on there. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Lindsey! I've had a lot of problems with Flickr. At one point, all the links changed, so I had to go back and re-link everything again. I didn't know that my permissions were wacky. (Sigh.) Anyway, thanks so much for letting me know. You should be able to view all the photos now.