Goofy Asian Products

Here are some of my favorite photos of goofy Asian products from my travels, and by "travels," I mean around the Los Angeles area.

One of the many perks of being an American of Asian descent is the freedom to point and laugh at Asian stuff with no compunction. (For the record, I prefer "American of Asian descent" over "Asian American" or "American-Born Chinese." It's like saying "person who is deaf" instead of "deaf person.") Oh, so serious! Let's move on . . .

Japanese split-toe sneakers.
These split-toe sneakers are supposedly all the rage in Japan. Well, there, sure.

Two fortune cookies in one wrapper.
I don't see double calories, only double happiness.

A shallow plastic pan shaped like a bear head (with bear ears) but with a duck face printed inside.
Bear head = cute. Duck face = cute. Combo = fodder for nightmares.

A Chinese powdered beverage named Essence of Chicken Drink.
"Essence of Chicken Drink" probably sounds magical in Chinese. In English, not so much.

Oh, over so soon! I know. It's a sign that I don't go shopping in brick-and-mortar stores often enough. If you have some pictures of your own, send them in!

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  1. With those shoes all women can proudly rock the "camel toe."