Time Magazine: The Unedited Version

I stopped reading this semi-interesting online article from Time magazine because my high-maintenance brain got tripped up by several glaring errors.

Time magazine's online article has several glaring errors.
WTF, Time?
• care cost her roughly 20,000 
Twenty thousand what? 
• refuse to accept women passengers 
It's "female passengers." Sexist language is so tired. 
• Liu Li goes to the Punete Hill Mall 
It's "Puente Hills Mall." (I've loitered there.) Don't be afraid to look shit up, Time.
What's with the low standards? If I wanted to consume unsubstantiated crap, there's this thing called "Fox News."

And really, enough with using "women" or "woman" as a modifier. The adjective is "female." You don't say "men passengers"; it's "male passengers" and "female passengers."

I would hope that a publication of Time's stature would know better, be better, try harder. How disappointing.

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