Hyland's: How Many Pills Do You Take?

Directions: Adults & Children ages 6-12: 4 tablets. Children ages 1-6: 2 tablets.
Oh, those directions are just a formality. Don't tell me you're reading it!

Here's a curious label from Hyland's, maker of homeopathic goodies. Pop quiz: How many tablets does it indicate for you to take if you are 13? How about 6?

Adults & Children ages 6 - 12: 4 tablets.
Children ages 1 - 6: 2 tablets.

All right, let's take a closer look. 
  • Under 1: No tabwets for cute widdle babies. 
  • 1 to 5: Two tablets. Yes, dear, it's like candy.
  • 6: Two or four tablets. Up to you. Don't fuck this up.
  • 7 to 12: Four tablets. 
  • 13 to 17: Take a hike. 
  • 18 or older: Four tablets.

What happened? Why were 13- to 17-year-olds left out? They're not adults, last time I checked the laws in this country. And seeing how Hyland's isn't being all too picky about details, why not start the four-tablet instruction at age 7 so 6 isn't straddling two categories? Oh, I get it. *COUGH*unregulatednaturalremedies*COUGH*

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